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Gadsden High School Old English Building Renovations

Originally named Valley High School, Gadsden High School opened in December 1928 as a 17,700 square feet, two-story building on 6 acres.  90 years later, the campus has grown to 17 buildings, 325,615 square feet on 65 acres in order to accommodate the growth in attendance.

In early August 2017, Gencon General Contractors began work on the renovation of the Old English Building at Gadsden High School in Anthony, New Mexico.  Working closely with the design professional, Alley Associates, P.C., Gencon will help bring this 90-year-old historical building into the 21st century.

This is a major renovation project to both the original building and much of the site.  Gencon will be improving site drainage, fencing, and utilities in this area.   A new maintenance building will be erected on the site.

The original architectural details of the building will be preserved.  The beautiful brick façade will undergo necessary repairs with the replacement of decaying bricks where needed.  The school will receive much needed new windows and doors while still maintaining the integrity of the historic building.  New roofing in major areas and roof repairs in other areas will be part of the remodel project.

The interior of the building will go through accessibility upgrades, as well as, new interior doors and hardware replacement.  Major mechanical and electrical upgrades will be done to accommodate new special systems upgrades.

Gencon is excited to play a part in this latest renovation project at Gadsden High School.  We have been a team partner with Gadsden Independent School District since 1990.  In the past 8 years, Gencon has been an integral part of 6 major projects at Gadsden High School including a new Career Technical Building, Administration and Library Building, Science Building, Cafeteria, Panther Gym and major renovations to the Academic, North and Main Buildings.  The entire campus has received major utility upgrades, fire protection systems, and parking lot and roadway improvements.  Security and technology for the campus has been extensively upgraded.

As a strong supporter of education, it has been Gencon’s pleasure to be able to play a part in enhancing education in Southern New Mexico.  Over the past 20 alone, we have built more than 15 new educational facilities.  We have done major remodeling and additions on more than 20 existing educational facilities.  This is key to providing the appropriate atmosphere necessary for our youth to learn and grow.

The Old English Building Renovation has been completed. Working closely with the design professional, the school district and the State Public School Facilities Authority, Gencon General Contractors finished in the summer of 2018. The building was completely gutted and classrooms were re-arranged, restrooms were moved, an elevator was added, the locker rooms were renovated and the heating/cooling/electrical/IT systems were upgraded to bring the building into the 21st century. There were many accessibility upgrades as well.

The doors and windows were replaced and materials were used to replicate the historical nature of the facility. Looking at the original, before and after photographs, it is evident the design and construction team did a great job preserving the history of the Building while upgrading the materials for ease of maintenance.

The original concrete trim elements on the outside of the building were meticulously repaired to match the original designs. The exterior stairs were replaced to match the original designs, while still adhering to the modern accessibility codes in place. The brick façade was repaired without altering its appearance and the roof was repaired to better preserve the building for the long term.

Gencon has been honored to renovate this Building and almost all of the other buildings on the Gadsden High School Campus over the past 9 years. Gencon has been a proud partner to the Gadsden Independent School District on several projects around the very large district since 1990. Gencon thanks the District for the opportunity to partner on these projects and looks forward to many future projects with them.

As a strong supporter of education in New Mexico, it has been Gencon’s pleasure to play a vital part in enhancing the facilities our children attend to receive their education. Over the past 21 years, Gencon has constructed more than 15 new educational facilities and completed major remodels and additions on more than 22 that were existing. Gencon believes the first step toward improving education is to provide the best possible atmosphere for youth to learn and grow in.